Coal Heating.
Porcelain casts of the coal briquettes that I use to heat my flat and studio in Berlin. The casts were fired in the heating oven during the winter of 2011-2012, as part of the normal heating process.

A red bicycle blinker connected to a two-way radio. The radio receives the signal from a second radio that is connected to a heart rate monitor. I wear this heart rate monitor for the duration of the vernissage, and finissage. The beating of my heart is expressed in the blinking of the bicycle light.

The Artist as Sculpted by the Students of The Crawford College of Art and Design.
During a residency at the Sirius Art Center in Cobh, Ireland, I organized a figure-sculpting workshop at the Crawford College of Art and Design. The workshop was lead by two professors from the college. I was the model. Students were invited to participate in the workshop. At the end of the workshop, with the students' permission, I made plaster casts of the sculptures they made of me. The plaster casts were exhibited at the Sirius Art Center in February of 2013.

My signature as forged by the board of Platform.
I was selected for an residency in Vaasa, Finland by the artist collective Platform. Afterward, they invited me to participate an exhibition celebrating their 10th year anniversary. For the exhibition, the board of director of Platform learned to forge my signature, their forgeries were displayed in the exhibition.

The Longest Day.
A 24-hour recording of my heart-rate from June 21, the summer solstice of 2011, made during a residency at Platform in Vaasa, Finland. For an exhibition at the local art museum, I expressed the recording in terms of birch saplings collected from the forests nearby. Each one of the 1440 saplings represent my heart-rate for one minute of that day.

Wish you were here.
Cross-eyed 3D self-portrait. Two photographs taken from slightly different angles. Viewed with the right technique, the two photos combine to form an illusionistic three-dimensional image in the mind of the viewer.

My signature, as forged by the curator.
For the exhibition Something Might Happen in the Forgotten Bar, the curator of the exhibition, Andrea Roe, learned to forged my signature. Her forgery of my signature was displayed in the exhibition.

Wheel-thrown porcelain vase, shot with a rifle while in a still pliable state.

I surreptiously scattered 10 grams of homemade gunpowder onto the floor of the Neue Nationalgalerie in Berlin on June 18, 2010.

One Breath.
I created a glass bubble using only one full exhalation. While the glass was still hot, the bubble was cinched shut, sealing the breath inside.

Open Kitchen.
I removed the windows from my kitchen and put them on display at an exhibition in Gerichtstrasse52a in May of 2009 and in the gallery Damm Stuhltrager in June 2010. Next to the windows was a lightbox with a photograph of my kitchen, focusing on the empty window frame.

A 2.5 meter long neon-light structure in the form of a typical Berlin-style rooftop antenna. The neon structure is hung from the ceiling of the exhibition space. The image on the right is a proposal drawing for an outdoor, rooftop version of the piece.

My Keys.
These are exact copies of my keys. Edition of 12.

A magnetized competition javelin hung by a thread.

Letter to the Editor.
I sent a letter to the editor of the German pornographic magazine Penthouse. The letter recounts a sexual liaison between the artist K and the curator A during a studio visit. The magazine published the letter in the Summer 2006 issue, under the title "Zungenkunst" (The Art of Tonguing). A copy of the magazine was exhibited as part of an exhibition curated by A at the Schirn Kunsthalle in Frankfurt-am-Main, Germany (Anonym, 2006).

A child's bike with a missing front wheel was locked to a lamppost outside of the Schirn Kunsthalle in Frankfurt-am-Main. As part of an exhibition inside of the Schirn, an existing architectural model of the building was exhibited. The model had been modified with railway model lampposts and a miniaturized version of the vandalized bike in reproduction of the situation outside. No information was given linking the two situations. (Anonym, 2006).

Two television sets, tuned to the same channel. One set has been modified such that the right-left orientation of its image is reversed. Placed next to each other, the two create a live-feed continuously changing Rorschach.

Video screen saver, seamless one-second loop.

A custom-made light fixture with a lamp tube from a tanning bed.

A custom-made cable with 2 male ends is plugged into existing sockets on opposite sides of a room. Electricity is taken from one socket, moved through the room, and then sent out again via the second socket.

Almost Home (Pleasantville Station).
In collaboration with Jane Greengold. Commission for the Metropolitan Transportation Authority, New York. A permanent installation of 22 bronze casts of common household chairs. The chairs are arranged in informal clusters throughout the train station.

This was my contribution to a group show at the Ikon Gallery in Birmingham, UK. Over the course of two weeks, I installed a series of drawings in parking lots throughout the city. The drawings are based on the shape of my shadow as it falls inside of a parking space at a certain point during the day. No information was given linking the drawings to the exhibition. Drawing locations were made available to the museum visitors upon request. The drawings are made with white chalk, left to be washed away by wind and rain.